Friday, December 23, 2011


It's been a long time since our last update. During that time, we did a lot of stuff: tours, crazy parties, animal sacrifice, occult shit and whatnot. Oh, and lots and lots of booze. There were some women, too. Or cows. I can't remember. Anyway, we have some information regarding our new album, which is to be released during 2012. You can't choose a better time for new release, than the last year of humankind. So here is what you need to know: the album will be called "Worship the fecal matter" and as always, we will have some collaborations. First of all, our guest star #1 will be none other than Aziz (yeah, the Bulgarian guy), and he will do vocals on our first hit single "Sodomizing the trembling transsexual while drinking goat blood". He will be also featured in our video for the mentioned song (yeah, we are making the video, but more on that later). We have two more guest stars (one of them was featured on our last album), but we just won't tell you yet. Production will be flawless, as always. Here's the track listing:
1. Intro - of gasses and bowel habits
2.  Sodomizing the trembling transsexual while drinking goat blood
3. Molesting the chickens III
4. Raped with a bike
5. Disgusting offal discharge of fermented mucus
6. Zero tolerance
7. Abused, used, purged
8. My dear Jimbo, we are in the Limbo
9. Raping dead children while eating a kitten
10. Catastrophic alcoholism overload II
11. Overrun by tram
12. Dickless, blind and submerged in gasoline
13. Grandma, I want your soul
14. Wearing the skins of parents
15. World is no more, I want a whore
16. Outro - the sounds of defecated world

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is our "Blood & Wurst" demo from 1988. Only 50 copies were made, but this record has a cult following. 

Track listing:
1. Scream bloody Wusrt 0:35
2. Dismembering the goat 2:34
3. Brutal blasphemies of relentless butchery 3:45
4. Singluar mortification 0:15
5. Rectal impalement techniques 0:45
6. Sodomizing the Chickens 10:45
7. Litany of Gurgling 0:12

This is our first full - length album "Ride my Spike", recorded in 1995. Unfortunately, the album had to be renamed into "Ride my Bike", because the original name was considered to be "problematic". On the other hand, we had no problems with the cover art. The recording took place in "Pogano Korito" studio in Montenegro. That studio was responsible for some kvlt black metal albums. On this album, our sound changed a bit: we experimented with grindcore, turbo-folk and death metal. Guitars were not tuned at all and we also threw one acoustic guitar and accordion into the whole mix. The growls were the best thing - our singer had a plastic bucket on his head all the time, to sound as bestial as possible.

Track listing:
1. Intro - the bestial bikers ov Destruction 0:35
2. Molesting the clerks 0:34
3. Animal decapitation 0:45
4. The sound of planar disembowelment 4:45
5. Dude, where's my guts? 3:34
6. Glory for the Gory 6:45
7. Abomination in the kindergarten 0:45
8. Eating the kids 0:45
9. Fascinated with bowel movements 3:22
10. Outro - brushing teeth with blood

And, finally, after several years of careful preparation, our second full - length, "Melting the body fat", was recorded in 2008. We are so proud of this record. There is no better way to demonstrate our musical skills. This record went platinum in just 2 days. Rumour has it that Lady Gaga listens to this record while she puts on her make-up. We wanted to sound true, grim, and necro, so THERE WAS NO PRODUCTION AT ALL. Everything you hear is pure, raw grindfolk. The recording took place in a cavern near Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, and the whole album was recorded with the mobile phone. The guitars were downtuned this time, and instead of bass - drums, our drummer used barrels filled with blood. Our guitarists were naked all the time, to feel the outlandish coldness and experience true Nordic winter. The singer was growling and gurgling while eating raw flesh and there is no possible way to understand any single word. Our guests, Deni Bonenstaj and Fazlija were especially brutal. Deni demanded to be nailed to a cross and thrown into the mountain river, singing all the time. Fazlja was growling, covered in barbed wire and locked inside the barrel filled with whiskey and Coke. THE BRUTALITY AT ITS FINEST!! 

Track listing: 
1. Deconstructing the System 0:45
2. Absorbing the Nature's guardian who walks the Earth at Dawn of the World 3:33
3. Raging rapids of Norway feat. Deni Bonestaj 5:45
4. The ultimate display of utter vileness 6:50
5. Catastrophic Vhiskey Overload feat. Fazlija 3:30
6. Sodomizing the Chickens II 25:34
7.Tools of prenatal calcification 3:34
8. Oh, come to me, Septic Dragon of Lunar Placement 5:50
9. Oh, why my eyes, all long live all day, Long Johnson 0:24
10. Ash, Bile and Pink Ponies 20:45
11. Ripping ponytails 3:33